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About The Menopause Association

The Menopause Association, a designated 501c3 non-profit organization, was established as a resource to help women learn more about the often debilitating symptoms associated with menopause and to help them find relief through our network of members who specialize in treating menopausal women.

Our goal is to help women alleviate, reduce, or avoid issues and conditions related to menopause. Through our resources women will find advice, support, thoughts, compassion, and direction from others who have either experienced menopause, are going through menopause, or who have “survived” menopause.

We provide a platform for women to directly connect with medical professionals and practitioners who specialize in treating menopausal conditions, anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and other women’s health issues.

About The Founder

Curt Warner

Why is a Man Interested in Menopause? The Curt Warner Story

When you think of menopause, a man’s interest might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, Curt Warner, a seasoned expert in marketing and business development with over 25 years of experience, particularly in the medical fields of anti-aging, longevity, and regenerative medicine, has become an unexpected champion for women navigating this significant life stage. The question arises: Why would a man be at the forefront of the Menopause Association?

A Personal Journey into Understanding

Curt’s journey began at home, witnessing the woman he loves, Kari, struggle with the daunting array of symptoms associated with menopause. From debilitating headaches and mood swings to insomnia and a profound sense of aging, Kari’s ordeal was a wake-up call. Despite the availability of advanced medical treatments and procedures that could ease her symptoms, the lack of directed guidance from her healthcare providers left her suffering needlessly. This personal experience illuminated a widespread issue: countless women are navigating menopause without the knowledge or access to the help they desperately need and deserve.

Bridging the Gap

Leveraging his deep-rooted expertise in the medical aesthetics and regenerative health industry, Curt recognized a unique opportunity to bridge this gap. He understood that the same principles guiding his business, Platinum Media Solutions—empowering medical professionals to achieve excellence and provide exceptional patient care—could also transform menopause care. This realization led to the founding of the Menopause Association, a beacon for women seeking to reclaim their quality of life during menopause.

The association’s mission resonates deeply with Curt’s personal and professional ethos: to inform, educate, and empower. It’s not just about connecting women with medical professionals; it’s about fostering a community where empathy, understanding, and cutting-edge care converge. This mission is reflected in both the professional-facing and consumer-facing arms of the Menopause Association, designed to elevate the standard of menopause care and ensure women like Kari find the support and treatments they need to thrive.

A Call to Action for Medical Professionals

Curt’s vision extends beyond personal motivation; it’s a call to action for medical professionals specializing in longevity and anti-aging. Through the association, providers can showcase their expertise, connect with patients, and contribute to a growing body of resources aimed at redefining menopause care. This collaborative effort not only elevates the provider’s practice but, more importantly, enriches the lives of women transitioning through menopause.

The Menopause Association: A Legacy of Empowerment

Curt Warner’s involvement in the Menopause Association transcends traditional gender roles, highlighting a universal truth: menopause is not just a women’s issue; it’s a human issue. By championing the cause, Curt is setting a precedent for inclusivity, understanding, and comprehensive care. The Menopause Association embodies the principle that together, we can redefine the menopause experience, offering hope, support, and innovative care to all women, and empowering them to navigate this chapter of their lives with confidence and dignity.

Our Executive Director

Melissa Carroll, Executive Director of Menopause Association

Melissa Carroll

Over the past 25 years, I’ve cultivated my professional skills in healthcare sales and marketing to help healthcare practices provide better care and a more satisfying experience overall. I am a lifelong student of wellness, nutrition and alternative therapies. When I’m not helping providers, you can find me with my children or at our gym helping members reach their wellness goals. My passion is helping people achieve more in their lives. Whether personal or professional, it all comes together for happier living.

Who We Serve


  • Seeking educational resources regarding menopausal conditions and solutions to their life-changing issues.
  • Searching for empathetic providers who are experienced, knowledgeable, and understanding in the treatment of their menopausal conditions.

Medical Providers, Practitioners, and Professionals...

  • Who are on the cutting-edge of menopausal treatments and procedures.
  • Who seek to spread their expertise while acquiring new patients and growing their practice.
  • Who seek a platform to establish their expertise as an expert in the field of menopause.

Device Manufacturers...

  • Who want to reach more consumers (menopausal and aging women) on a non-biased third party platform, thus expanding their reach and increasing their authority and effectiveness of their devices.
  • Who want to reach more providers in the anti-aging space in order to place their devices in more practices across the US.

Product Manufacturers and Distributors...

  • Who want to expand their reach and target women in this demographic
  • Who want a platform to showcase their products and educate consumers.
  • Who want a platform to advertise their products and connect with practitioners in the same space.

Why You Should Join The Menopause Association

Medical Providers, Practitioners, and Professionals...

Menopausal women present a truly tremendous market of around $600B (Bloomberg) that remains relatively untouched. These women are overlooked and underserved. As a practitioner providing solutions to the woes of menopause (hot flashes, skin changes, reduced libido, joint pain, and many more), we want to raise awareness of your practice and provide geometric levels of growth.

Every day, women visit and are dismissed by their primary care physicians. Their next step is searching for an alternative solution which can be daunting and often turns up few or no results.

We already have women directly reaching out to us asking where to turn and what offerings are available.

In becoming a certified member of the Menopause Association, you instantly become a recognized professional working with menopausal women.

When women are searching for help, with all things being relatively equal, being a member of the Menopause Association will tip the scales in your favor and provide new patients and clients for your practice or business.

Potential clients and patients see you are a member of the association whether it is through a seal on your website, a sticker on your door, or a plaque on your wall. This instantly establishes credibility and can be the difference in client/patient acquisition.

These women can be directed to the association’s website where they will find a vast amount of content produced by association members across the country.

Following further contribution and establishment as a contributor, you will be able to write and publish content of your own to the website that can be read, cited, and used as a tool to further increase credibility.

Another valuable avenue is the cross-sell capability. Most, if not all, clinics that offer treatment for menopausal symptoms also provide aesthetic treatment such as filler and body contouring. It just so happens that menopausal women fall right into the age demographic that would be likely to convert on these additional services. By bringing a woman into your practice to treat something like urinary incontinence or a hormonal imbalance, you build a strong trust-based relationship that will lead to them choosing you over competitors when exploring aesthetic or other related procedures.

The fact of the matter is that being a member of the Association, regardless of level, will increase credibility and help you acquire many more clients for a wide range of services.

Device Manufacturers...

As a device manufacturer, you are uniquely positioned in the industry of menopause. You are at the forefront of research and development of solutions to these life-changing symptoms. You are always pushing for answers to questions that have been dismissed for far too long. Without the devices and technologies you provide, practitioners would be wholly unable to enact the quality of life changes women so desperately desire. For this, we thank you and want to help you place your devices in medical offices across the nation.

You have the extraordinary opportunity to create demand and provide supply to this massive industry. Through the association, you can reach unprecedented numbers of women and educate them on your solutions. Your affiliation with the Association lets women know you are here to help. This leads to a demand being driven for your products specifically and the search for providers that utilize your technology.

Providers that do not have your devices will have a valid and substantial reason for purchasing and implementing your products.

If you choose to pursue a sponsor-level contribution, we will include one or more “paid-in-full” memberships that you can gift to your best-performing practitioners. You can use these memberships as incentives to encourage your practitioners to reach their peak potential.

At the highest level of sponsorship, we will consider the provision of one or more coveted board of advisor seats for your clients. (with application submission and acceptance)

Product Manufacturers and Distributors...

As a product manufacturer or distributor, you are uniquely positioned in the industry of menopause. You are providing solutions for women suffering from menopausal conditions. 

You are seeking an opportunity to create demand and provide supply to this massive industry. Through the association, you can reach unprecedented numbers of women and educate them on your products. Your affiliation with the Association lets women know you are here to help. This leads to a demand being driven for your products specifically by name.


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