Calroy Health Sciences stands at the forefront of converting groundbreaking scientific discoveries into unparalleled products. The company is steadfast in conducting meticulous research and developing formulations that pave the way for novel solutions in foundational health. With a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and improving health outcomes, Calroy’s mission is to be a catalyst for innovation that benefits healthcare professionals and their patients.

The company’s dedication to Research & Education is evident in its efforts to incorporate practice implementation into new scientific findings. Calroy not only generates its own educational content but also gathers and disseminates the latest research to healthcare providers and the public, emphasizing the importance of foundational health.

At the helm of Calroy Health Sciences are co-founders CEO Ed Hoyt and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Chen Chen. Their leadership is augmented by an ever-expanding team of in-house specialists who are adept in scientific research, medical writing, customer service, education, marketing, and operations.

The strategic direction of Calroy is further enriched by its Science and Medical Advisory Board, comprised of distinguished leaders who are pioneers in the clinical and scientific arenas pertinent to the company’s field of work.

Calroy takes pride in its flagship product, Arterosil HP, which is designed to fortify the structure and support the normal function of the endothelial glycocalyx, the delicate inner layer encompassing the entire vascular system.

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