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The Cellular Medicine Association (CMA), under the guidance of its founder, Dr. Charles Runels, is a pioneering organization dedicated to advancing the field of cellular medicine. The CMA’s mission is to support research, uphold the reputation of cellular medicine, and provide education to both practitioners and patients.

Dr. Runels, a passionate advocate for innovative medical treatments, has led the CMA in funding research projects, with over half a million dollars invested in exploring the potential of cellular therapies. The association’s commitment to science is evident in its support for ongoing trials and the dissemination of research findings through platforms like the O-shot website.

For members, the CMA offers a collaborative environment where physicians and nurse practitioners can share insights, discuss novel treatments, and access a wealth of resources, including webinars and a members-only blog. This exchange of knowledge fosters a community of experts who are at the forefront of cellular medicine.

Patients benefit from the CMA’s dedication to maintaining high standards of care. By ensuring that all procedures are performed using FDA-approved devices and materials, the CMA protects patient safety and the integrity of treatment outcomes.

Prospective physicians considering joining the CMA can look forward to being part of an organization that not only champions cutting-edge medical practices but also provides a robust support system for marketing and legal protection. The CMA’s efforts in maintaining a reputable name in the industry, coupled with its extensive marketing reach, offer members a unique opportunity to grow their practice and contribute to the evolution of medicine.

The Cellular Medicine Association is an invaluable ally for physicians and other licensed medical professionals seeking to expand their expertise in cellular therapies. With Dr. Runels’ visionary leadership, the CMA continues to pave the way for groundbreaking treatments that promise to transform patient care. If you are a physician or medical professional looking to venture beyond conventional medicine and make a real difference in the lives of your patients, the CMA welcomes you to join its ranks.

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