Founded in 2012 and now based in Austin, Texas, Thermi is a pioneering force in radio frequency technology, particularly after its acquisition by Celling Biosciences in 2019. Capitalizing on Celling’s advanced laboratory facilities in the bustling bio-tech hub of South Congress, Thermi has integrated its radio frequency solutions with Celling’s innovative biologics to enhance restorative wellness across various medical fields. The synergy between Thermi’s product line and Celling Biosciences’ state-of-the-art technology accelerates the development of micro-invasive, preventative, and regenerative treatments.

At the forefront of Thermi’s innovative suite is the ThermiRF® platform, which features unique temperature-controlled algorithms tailored for a range of applications from non-invasive to minimally invasive procedures, including ThermiTight®, ThermiSmooth®, and ThermiVa®. With the launch of the ThermiRF+™ device, Thermi introduces a redesigned algorithm and enhanced capabilities with 20W and 50W functionalities, alongside a series of new handpieces that expand treatment possibilities, solidifying Thermi’s role as a leader in the advancement of integrated healthcare solutions.

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