5 Things That Happen to Your Orgasms During Menopause – WomenWorking

5 Things That Happen to Your Orgasms During Menopause – WomenWorking

Hormonal and vaginal changes during a woman’s midlife can affect the way you experience sexual pleasure and desirable feelings, according to the North American Menopause Society. As a result, this can affect one’s sex life and relationship with their partner. By educating oneself on the biological facts, women can seek out the care they need, with specific, appropriate questions concerning their issues. The following are five common symptoms of orgasm experiences during menopause.

Hormonal changes
As a woman grows older, her testosterone levels decrease, which affects sexual desire.

Orgasmic difficulty
It is natural for there to be less blood flow to the vagina and clitoris, reducing sensitivity. The physical evidence of progress or arousal is still available; however, it is much more difficult to achieve.

Pelvic floor muscular weakness
Due to menopause, the pelvic floor muscle will grow weaker, and continue on years after. This can play a part in sexual activity as well, according to the website The Sexual Health Charity. The lack of estrogen causes thinning of the vagina and is thought to reduce the strength of the connective tissue supporting it. Additionally, the thinning and the lack of vaginal moisture associated with menopause can also cause problems with sexual function, according to resources from the University of Colorado.

Vaginal dryness
Menopause also creates a dryness within the vagina. There is less lubrication present in the vagina when a woman is aroused, along with a vaginal canal’s shortening/tightening. This indicates that it’s possible to experience soreness, when sexually active.

Distracting temperature changes
Hot flashes are a common symptom during menopause and can contribute to the uncomfortable experience.

Sometimes, these peri menopause-related problems such as heavy, unpredictable menstrual periods and mood swings, correlate with developing some of the above, mentioned symptoms.

According to the website Women’s Day, you can be reassured that your vagina will not shrivel up. However, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, some women may actually experience an increase in orgasms.

Intimacy is greatly needed during sexual activity. Heightening the desire and sexual interest will only put your partner in a better mood. If you want to work on your exercise routine, this can potentially increase your libido, while providing other health benefits.

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