56-year-old going through menopause looks incredibly youthful after transformation

56-year-old going through menopause looks incredibly youthful after transformation

The time had come. Diane was ready for change. So, she traveled from her home in New Hampshire to see The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins at his Minneapolis salon.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get some change,” Diane explains in the video of her makeover. “I’m almost 57-years-old and I just need something to do with this hair. So, I’m excited.”

At almost 57-years-old, Diane was experiencing menopause and wanted to get a youthful new look that made her look as young on the outside as she feels on the inside.

“I have menopause, lovely menopause. And just the hot flashes and I just need some hair that goes with the hot flashes,” Diane laughed. “I need some helpful hints as to my makeup, my hair color, my hairstyle. I want to look as young as I feel inside.”

On the inside, Diane says she feels about 20 to 30-years-old.

Her makeover didn’t take off quite that many years but it definitely took off at least 15 to 20!

Diane had one rule for her makeover, and one rule only: no mullets.

This is because the haircut Diane came in with was basically a mullet.

It was a yellowy blonde color that hit her shoulders.

Her bangs were long but they stretched as far back as her ear giving her a mullet look.

“It was longer I had it just real short about 6 months ago,” Diane explained. “Yeah, so I’m looking for that hairstyle looking for something as a change.”

The smile she had after she saw her new look was a real big one.

Her face broke out into an enormous grin.

“I’m feeling fantastic. I feel 10 years younger. I really do,” she said.

Someone off-camera told her that her makeover took off many more years than that.

“Well, someone said I look 10 pounds lighter and I thought that was fantastic,” Diane said. “It’s fantastic. I just cant believe it’s me. It’s beyond words.”

“Let me go so I can get to the bar and flirt!”

Diane said she never had her hair that short before and she had no idea that her hair had that much natural curl to it.

Diane hopes that other people thinking about getting a makeover from The Makeover Guy will take the leap.

“If anybody wants to do this, this is awesome,” she said.

Diane’s wife was in love with her new look.

“I think she looks awesome,” she said.

Diane said she was pleased that she felt her new style would be easy to maintain.

“I think it looks beautiful and it doesn’t take much to do it either,” she said. “I love it. I love it!”

Thousands of people on YouTube watched the video of Diane’s makeover.

“You, look absolutely beautiful. You already are! Clearly, you’re having fun. Good for you. You deserve everything,” one commenter wrote.

You can see why Diane is so in love with her new look in the video below.

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