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On Call with Dr. Kumar: Why menopause increases women’s risk of heart disease – CBS New York

In fact, heart disease is the number one killer of women, causing one in three deaths each year. This content was originally published here.
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Hormone therapy for menopause: Here’s an updated primer – Genetic Literacy Project

Positive reports about hormone therapy for women in their 50s started emerging as early as 2003, and they have never really slowed… This content was...
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More adipose tissue increases breast cancer risk after menopause

Bea JW, et al. O-075. Presented at: ObesityWeek; Nov. 1-4, 2022; San Diego. Disclosures: Bea reports serving as a consultant for WHI and receiving funding...
Wordpress Episode 51 | The Menopause Association

Liz Talks, Episode 51: Adina Rubin on Strength Training & Happy Hormones – Real Food Liz

Adina Rubin talks her life in Israel, training women worldwide with her signature program, kettlebell training, and the issues with training with your cycle! Helpful...
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Episode 153: Solutions to Vaginal Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence w/ Alyce Adams, RN (AKA “The Kegel Queen” Solutions to Vaginal Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence

FDN, Helping You Make an Informed Decision Now in the world of FDN really quick. If you’re listening to this within the first couple of...
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Simpler Surgery May Work As Well As Standard For Women With Incontinence

For women with urine leakage, a newer and simpler “sling” surgery works as well as the standard version, according to a new clinical trial. This...
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An Easily Digestible Guide To Hunger Hormones & Energy Balance

Naturally, some people love working out. Others…well, not so much. Finding a type of movement that brings you joy is key and will encourage you...
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Hormone replacement therapy doesn’t lead to breast cancer reoccurrence | Medical Laboratory Observer

A new paper in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, published by Oxford University Press, finds that menopausal hormone therapy for breast cancer survivors is...
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Dr Brooke Show #256 What to Eat for Your Hormones During Perimenopause & Menopause with Dr. Anna Cabecca – Better By Dr. Brooke

Dr Anna Cabecca is back talking about her new book Menupause! We cover a myriad of different nutrition strategies running from Keto to AIP to...
heart disease Indian woman FB | The Menopause Association

What Indian Women Should Know About Menopause And Heart Disease

While many women consider heart disease to be a man’s disease, after the age of 55, it accounts for more than half of all deaths...
The effect of animal protein on stress hormones testosterone and pregnancy | The Menopause Association

The effect of animal protein on stress hormones, testosterone, and pregnancy

Animal proteins, such as meat, eggs, and milk, are complete proteins, meaning they provide all of the essential amino acids our body needs. Animal products provide...
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Women’s Health Month: ADHD Symptoms, Misdiagnosis, Hormones, Menopause

This Women’s Health Month, ADDitude is confronting misdiagnosis, improper treatment, shame, and comorbidity among women, whose ADHD symptoms are still seldom evaluated or addressed adequately....
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Meeting the Needs of School Staff going Through Menopause – Creative Education

You will understand how to support colleagues who may be peri-menopausal or menopausal and consider the potential impact on their mental health during this time....
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Periods: Supporting the Reflexology Client from Menarche Through Menopause – The Barefoot Dragonfly

Reflexology shines as a wellness support tool for folks beginning, in the middle, or winding down their menstruating years. In the U.S. the average age...
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The Top 3 Mistakes When it Comes to Diet and How it Impacts Our Hormones with Dr. Sara Gottfried – Dr. Mark Hyman

Dhru takes a deep dive into the topic of hormonal imbalances with Dr. Sara Gottfried, along with what you can do to get them back...
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Episode #216 – Best Diet & Lifestyle Strategies to Beat Menopause Symptoms with Dr. Anna Cabeca –

In This Episode: Catch a glimpse of the different changes that are happening to women, physiologically, mentally, and emotionally, as they enter the pre-menopausal stage...
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In Menopause, Less Sex Does Not Mean Painful Sex

Use it or lose it. Generations of women have been advised to engage in regular or frequent intercourse to avoid sexual pain. New research indicates...
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Actress Brittany Daniel on Being Told She Was Pre-Menopause at Age 36 |

The Sweet Valley High star talks to the PEOPLE Every Day podcast about her fertility struggles after battling stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and how her...
DJ EP226 Blog Feature Image | The Menopause Association

Episode #226 – Q & A Podcast on Protein, Weight Loss Strategies, Menopause, and Edema –

In This Episode: Dr. Jockers explains why menopausal women struggle more with losing weight compared to younger women. [07:56] These are the most important macros...
black woman | The Menopause Association

Heart Failure Risk Climbs in Obese Older Women Who Had Late Menopause

Health risks tied to obesity are often serious, with new research showing it boosts odds for heart failure among older women. This content was originally...
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Maven Clinic expands platform with new program dedicated to menopause care as more employers look to offer the benefit

Maven Clinic’s new service aims to fill gaps in care by identifying early symptoms and providing virtual access to specialist providers. This content was originally...
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Whales reproduce into their 90s and elephants into their 60s. Why do humans hit menopause so much younger? – Genetic Literacy Project

There is no reason to suppose that age and reproduction are necessarily incompatible. Female African elephants breed into their 60s, and blue whales, into their...
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Cannabis for menopause? CEO of Mazor Collective discusses product aimed at relieving symptoms | Here Weed Go! podcast

Lilach Mazor Power is breaking boundaries in the world of legal cannabis. She tells her story on Here Weed Go! This content was originally published...
RogersGardenVeggies | The Menopause Association

Weather and Menopause |

Climate change is proof, no matter your opinion, that Mother Nature is menopausal. The whole country (the entire globe?) is thinking “what is next?” Weather...
orthorexia natural menstruation tips yoni steaming ancient rituals for hormones mood with nikki bostwick dr will cole | The Menopause Association

Orthorexia, Natural Menstruation Tips, Yoni Steaming + Ancient Rituals For Hormones + Mood with Nikki Bostwick | Dr. Will Cole

The mood boosting benefits of saffron, natural menstruation tips, overcoming orthorexia, ad yoni steaming. This content was originally published here.
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Genetic variants predict vasomotor symptom frequency in menopause

Disclosures: Harlow reports no relevant financial disclosures. Please see the study for all other authors’ relevant financial disclosures. ADD TOPIC TO EMAIL ALERTS Receive an...
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3 Positive of Side Effects of Menopause That You Might Not Know About | Better Homes & Gardens

Here’s how to better your health and thrive during this transition in your life. This content was originally published here.
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Menopause Blues: Natural Remedies for Perimenopausal Depression | The Practical Herbalist

While we’ve been studying the links between depression and fertility in women and depression throughout men’s lives, we haven’t gathered nearly as much information on...
Short Editorial Topic for 12th May 2021 | The Menopause Association

Women Who Have Migraines before Menopause May Have an Increased Risk of Developing High Blood Pressure

Women who experience migraine headaches before menopause may have an increased risk of high blood pressure later in life. This statement comes from a new...
menopausepatientprescription 1453144 | The Menopause Association

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopause Linked to Asthma Development

Airway symptoms may develop in menopausal women with no prior history of asthma following the initiation of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), according to the results...
Menopause Belly Fat | The Menopause Association

13 Tips to Prevent and Get Rid of Menopause Belly Fat

From hot flashes, to night sweats, to mood swings and more, menopause can be an extremely uncomfortable time for women. Add fatigue, sleeplessness, and weight...
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Boom Ladies’ Night | Makeup and Menopause | BOOM! by Cindy Joseph

This live event was AMAZING! If you missed it, watch the replay now for… ~5-Minute Makeup Demos: We showed you how to switch from daytime...
Sixty and Me Can We Celebrate the Transition Years Brought by Menopause | The Menopause Association

Celebrating Menopause and the Transition to New Life

For many Western women, the mention of the word menopause is associated with dread and fear – in a culture that relishes youth, it has...
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Helped me sail through menopause… | Ann Louise Gittleman

Medical Disclaimer: This content is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of such...
menopause scaled | The Menopause Association

5 Things Women Need to Know Regarding Menopause

What is Menopause? Ladies truly need to understand what the thing that matters is among per menopause and menopause on the grounds that there is...
womansmoking | The Menopause Association

Smoking risk: Early menopause increases the risk of bladder cancer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Early menopause increases the risk of bladder cancer for smokers – this was the finding of an interdisciplinary research group, led...
360 | The Menopause Association

Fed. Circ. Tosses ‘Unusual’ Appeal On Menopause Drug IP – Law360

Law360 (April 20, 2021, 10:59 PM EDT) — The Federal Circuit on Tuesday dismissed an “unusual” appeal from drugmaker Sebela Ireland Ltd., which sought affirmation...
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3 Remarkable Herbal treatments With regard to Menopause – Shoping and Fashion

Menopause is really a organic phase within our life that’s greatest handled normally. You will find benefits in order to medical remedy however it’s possible...
apple womens month app dev feature mar 2021 hero 03172021.jpg.og | The Menopause Association

Caria app helps debunk the myths of menopause – Apple (AU)

In the field of women’s health, medical advancement has focused on birth control and fertility treatments, even though women spend several years and an average...
amandathebe | The Menopause Association

A Guide to Not Just Survive, But Thrive During Menopause

As a man in his late thirties, I’m no expert on menopause. And, I’m probably not the first person Amanda Thebe, the author, had in...
hot woman with fan | The Menopause Association

More Women Are Using This Surprising Substance to Treat Menopause

<p>Going through menopause—the period when a <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>woman’s body</a> stops producing reproductive hormones—can often cause a number of uncomfortable, even painful symptoms....
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Night sweats. Menopause? Help! – General Weight Loss Surgery Discussions – BariatricPal

Go see your doctor and have some blood work done. If anything is badly out of whack, it should show up. If not, it’s very...
This exercise may protect women from negative effects of menopause | The Menopause Association

This exercise may protect women from negative effects of menopause

In a new study, researchers found that interval sprinting could help reverse negative health effects of menopause in older women. Women who took part in...
88894 | The Menopause Association

Do Metabolic Changes Impact Cognition Post-Menopause? | MedPage Today

Forgetfulness and cognitive decline after menopause might be explained by changes in the metabolic cycle, a researcher reported. In both peri- and postmenopausal women, markers...
Optimal Menopause Diet | The Menopause Association

The Optimal Menopause Diet

Menopause is something that’s rarely talked about – until it happens. One day you’re just living your life the way you’re used to, and the...
Wear Your Voice How Cannabis Can Help With The Many Symptoms of Menopause | The Menopause Association

How Cannabis Can Help With The Many Symptoms of Menopause

Cannabis can help address a myriad of issues, including many of the painful, difficult, and inconvenient ones felt during menopause.  By C. Imani Williams  “Menopause...
et0920nudy nams graphic 01 | The Menopause Association

CVD, stroke risks increase with number of menopause symptoms

Nudy M, et al. The severity of vasomotor symptoms and number of menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women and select clinical health outcomes in the Women’s...
d | The Menopause Association

Age At Menopause Can Be Assessed Using Predictive Modeling – Eurasia Review

The age at menopause is known to vary significantly between individuals and it has been associated with postmenopausal health. In a recent study, the researchers...
Imagereduced | The Menopause Association

Why Anger is Common During Menopause

There is a common stereotype of women becoming “crazy” at menopause. It’s our culture’s well-entrenched way of writing off women who, at menopause, often go...
Migraines Menopause and BP | The Menopause Association

New Study Finds Link between Migraines, Menopause, And High Blood Pressure

A new study suggests that if you suffered migraine headaches before menopause, you are at higher risk for high blood pressure once periods stop. Migraines...

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