How Cannabis Can Help With The Many Symptoms of Menopause

How Cannabis Can Help With The Many Symptoms of Menopause

Cannabis can help address a myriad of issues, including many of the painful, difficult, and inconvenient ones felt during menopause. 

By C. Imani Williams 

“Menopause is so much fun!” says nobody, ever. Menopause, also known as “the change”, generally happens to people with vaginas during mid-life, at around 45-50. With menopause, ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, halting childbirth. Some people go through it earlier with surgery that is generally needed to address reproductive health issues. My hysterectomy was medically induced when I was just 36-years-old. 

Some menopause symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, emotional highs and lows, grey hairs sprouting everywhere, and mounds of Venus that look like they suffer from alopecia. None of these increases our self-esteem. We can become very self-conscious about our bodies and question our desirability and ability to give and receive pleasure.  

The end of decades of PMS and monthly periods can be freeing sexually and otherwise. However, what is rarely discussed or mentioned is the entirely absurd fuckery of the dating world in 2020 for people, especially women, over 50.  Also not mentioned as much as it should be are the benefits of cannabis during mid-life. Whether partnered or not, our yonis and emotional selves still deserve love, care, and attention. 

At 55-years-old and dealing with trauma, chronic arthritis, and the effects of menopause, cannabis allows me to relax enough to masturbate and orgasm. I believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabis and sharing that information. Not only does it help with the physical pain of chronic lower back arthritis, but with my anxiety and depression as well. 

One of the things I stress as a Healing Artist is the necessity of becoming informed about cannabis. The information is out there, and much of it is free. There are women cannapreneurs covering health and wellness from every aspect. Part of sexual health includes talking about menopause, our bodies, and ourselves, and how we can dispute with confidence things taught to us in ignorance. It’s imperative for us to own our sexuality, our minds, our bodies, and our hearts.

Frank, honest, and compassionate discussions need to happen to help us decide how we will treat ourselves, and how we set boundaries to be treated by others. For the record, a good cannabis strain will have you thinking about all of this in a whole new way. Good, because you deserve it. 


Here are 5 cannabis options to help ease the symptoms of menopause:


Cannabidiol (CBD) changed my life, I smoke hemp/CBD flower and employ the use of CBD salves, lotions, freezes, and tinctures. If you work in a profession or live in a state where cannabis isn’t legal, try CBD. CBD does not contain the psychoactive property THC which provides the marijuana “high”. It’s part of the cannabis plant (the medicinal part) and it can help manage the symptoms of menopause. It helps deal with stress, provides pain management, eases sleep apnea, increases and decreases appetite, and can help provide increased energy. You can mix CBD into and beverages or purchase pre-bottled CBD, water, and teas. There are oral, vapes, topical, edible, and bath CBD options. 

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis can be consumed in edible form. With cannabutter, you can infuse just about anything at home including baked goods. Cannabis strains can be used to help alleviate symptoms of menopause. A heavy Indica or Indica dominant hybrid will help with body aches and pains and is good for relaxation and sleep. A Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid will provide energy, assist with anxiety, and help combat mood swings.


Vaping is easier on the lungs and throat than smoking and is the preferred consumption method of many mature cannabis connoisseurs. If you reside in a state where cannabis is still illegal, you can always order a Select CBD vape/pen online. I pack my vapes with cannabis flowers at home and carry them packed with CBD/Hemp flower when I’m out and about. A quick puff helps with my anxiety. 

CBD Infused Bath and Body Products

I have soaked with some pretty amazing CBD Bath Balms. Mary’s Nutritionals is one of my favorites. They’re infused and immediately help you relax while bringing relief to tired achy muscles.

CBD Suppositories 

These can help vaginal dryness that comes with lost elasticity during midlife. Foria is a good brand to try. Without enough lubrication, penetrative sex is painful, with friction causing cuts and tears. CBD’s functions help with tissue repair and vaginal health while CBD topical usage can help with joint pain and stiff muscles.

If all of this still seems daunting, there are other guides to help you learn more about cannabis and its benefits. The Leafly App is quite helpful and provides a comprehensive guide to all things cannabis and CBD for beginners and aficionados alike. 

C. Imani Williams is a freelance writer, editor, essayist, poet, and social/human justice activist. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles, and a Masters in Guidance and Counseling from Eastern Michigan University. A Queer Black Womanist, Imani uses her voice to raise awareness in efforts to help empower others.  Her work has been published in Pride Source Between the Lines, Tucson Weekly, The Michigan Citizen, Harlem Times and with various other popular culture, health, news blogs and magazines including Communicate for Health Justice, New York Daily Weed Report, Dope Magazine, Las Vegas Cannabis Reviews, For Harriet, Travel Pride.Org, and YBLTV.

Her book publications include co-authoring Reflections of a Survivor – Arranged by Melony Hill (2017), Imani shared insight in “Unconditional” A comprehensive guide for parents of LGBTQ youth (2017) — Telaina Eriksen, she provided the foreword for “Intimacy” Shannon Ford-Jefferson — (2016) and was a contributor for Poets and Allies for Resistance 2015 – 2017.  Anthology. She has also published in three anthologies by A Gypsy’s Library/Negra Sappha Press. (2017-2018). The Detroit, Michigan native is Senior Editor, a co-founder of Marijuana Melanites Artist Collective, Lead administrator for Writers-Black Art Connected Facebook Group, and co-host of Black Artists Connected – Writers Group Podcast. Imani resides in Las Vegas, NV.

Follow her on Instagram @imaniizlove and on Facebook @StandingOnUnitedLove, @MMelanites and @PoetryUrbanBushSista

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