5 Basics for Managing Menopause | Hysterectomy Forum

5 Basics for Managing Menopause | Hysterectomy Forum

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5 Basics for Managing Menopause

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1. Consider hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

2. Consider HRT alternatives.

If HRT is not right for you, consider using alternative products to manage menopause symptoms and minimize risks for menopause related health issues. Foods like

3. Know your symptoms.

There are a number of menopause symptoms and they can affect you from head to toe.

4. Follow a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle can help you overcome menopause. Try to maintain a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly. You should also limit alcohol, stop smoking, and avoid caffeine. Adequate calcium is important for bone health, and for your heart you need to monitor your cholesterol levels. It’s also important to manage your blood sugar levels.

5. Keep your doctor involved.

Though your surgeon may not be the best one to help you manage menopause, it is important to work with a medical professional to manage menopause. Your quality of life and overall health are at risk, and a knowledgeable physician can help you feel your best and stay healthy. If you do choose to use HRT or other prescription options you’ll need a

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