Benefits of Aromatherapy to Menopausal Women

Benefits of Aromatherapy to Menopausal Women

Benefits of Aromatherapy to Menopausal Women

We have been looking at different ways to help ourselves with menopausal symptoms. I am sure you would have found these tips beneficial as they worked for me and are working for many other women. Today we will be looking at another side of the coin. Menopause may be life-threatening if you allow it, but I am willing to make it easy and great for every woman. That’s why we want to check out aromatherapy benefits to menopausal women.

What is Aromatherapy?

Benefits of Aromatherapy to Menopausal Women what's aromatheraphy

Before we understand the benefits of aromatherapy to women, it makes a lot of sense to understand what aromatherapy is first. Well, it is not something complicated. It simply means the therapy is done through aroma. Another way to define it very simply is that it is a way of healing people through the administration of smell. So that means using scent for healing.

It may sound strange to many people that scent or smell is used to administer healing to hurting people. You are probably thinking the same now too. I know you are used to being administered drugs for healing. Some people also take in something solid for healing. Please don’t be too disturbed; take your time to read through it as we unravel it together.

Interestingly aromatherapy is used to treat the mind, body, and spirit. It is the medicinal way of using aromatic essential oils to heal people. Sometimes, people refer to it as essential oil therapy. The focus of aromatherapy is on both emotional and physical health. It will help people look well both on the outside and inside.

Before now, aromatherapy was seen as an art. It was later considered both science and art. Lately, it has gained recognition in science and medicine. For this reason, it is currently being explored for possible medical healing across different ailments and diseases. It means it is not just considered for possible healing in menopausal symptoms but other ailments.

How Was Aromatherapy Invented?

Benefits of Aromatherapy to Menopausal Women invented

The use of essential oils and other compounds with aroma has a long history. Some have identified that it started about 6000 years ago, while others have argued that it’s more than that. Whichever is the correct one, it is not something new. However, it may be new to a lot of people.

Aromatherapy has been traced to some cultures globally. It isn’t easy to nail it to a year when it started. For instance, Egyptians, Chinese, Roman, Greeks, and Indians have cultures that use scents for cosmetics, spirituality, and drugs. The culture is still practiced even though it may not be called that during that time in these places.

Aromatherapy treatment has a long history of helping people get better and giving them their life back. As such, it should be considered more with lots of research than those that have gone into it. There are more things to explore in aromatherapy. Perhaps we can change the world into a better place with this.

In 1910, a man named Gattefossé, a French chemist at that time, claimed he treated his hand with lavender oil. It was a serious hand burn which got many people wondering how possible that was. He later published a book written in French in 1937 where he mentioned aromatherapy for the first time in history. That book was later published in the English language in 1993.

Another French Surgeon by the name of Jean Valnet started the practice of aromatherapy in medicine. He treated wounded soldiers with essential oils during the second world war. He used the essential oils as an antiseptic while treating them. In this way, he started aromatherapy in medicine proper. So, he may have attached his name as a pioneer of aromatherapy in the proper medical line.

How Aromatherapy Works

Aromatherapy is usually administered through inhalation of essential oils. When the oil is inhaled, it is inhaled for two things. The first is for the scent or aroma of the essential oil, while the second is for the therapeutic effects of the oils. For a woman intending to treat symptoms of menopause, these two are important.

Specifically, the treatment works in a particular order after inhaling the smell. The essential oils stimulate the olfactory system after inhalation. That means the part of the brain connected to the smell is actively involved. The molecules that escape into the body go into the lungs. It moves to other body parts where it causes reactions bringing about the desired result.

The results that come from the essential oil are achieved through the limbic system. So the oils impact the limbic system bringing about the desired changes. The change is due to heart rate, emotions, stress, breathing, etc., linked to the limbic system. So as the limbic system is impacted, these areas are also impacted, which is how the treatment is done.

How to use Aromatherapy

Benefits of Aromatherapy to Menopausal Women how

Firstly, it is important to use these essential oils with the help of a professional aromatherapist or a medical professional who understands you and what you want to treat. Different women treat different things in menopause. Therefore, don’t just assume that you use a particular essential oil. Let it be under the guidance of a professional.

Aromatherapy can be administered in several ways. It depends on what is being treated and how easy it is for the patient. The commonest way to administer aromatherapy is by inhaling the scent or smell. Yes, inhaling the scent of essential oils works. Just the same way you inhale the smell of perfume when trying it out to know how strong the scent is.

Apart from inhaling the scent of the essential oils, you may administer aromatherapy via the humidifier or diffuser. This method is used to fill the air with the scent. As you breathe in and out, you are already taking your medicine. Isn’t that great? I would prefer this to any other way of treating menopausal symptoms.

Suppose you are not using these two mentioned ways to administer aromatherapy. In that case, another way is to dilute it with a carrier oil. This way, you would be able to apply it as a cream. I mean, how you apply your normal cream by rubbing it on the skin. At least every woman knows how to rub cream, so this method is not new; anyone can get it right.

Guide To Applying Essential Oils

It is important to point out a few notes required to successfully apply the essential oils. If not applied well, you may not get the desired results. Though this is not an exhaustive guide on applying essential oils, it will help you apply them to get results.

Please note that you are not expected to directly apply essential oils to the skin. They are not meant to be used that way. Remember that these oils are chemicals too. You are expected to mix them with carrier oils before being used on the skin. Please take note of this if you use it on the skin directly.

There are several carrier oils you can use with the essential oils. The common ones are olive oil and almond oil. However, these are often recommended or mostly used as carrier oils. Get the advice of your medical practitioner before deciding to buy one.

Also, you must do an allergy test before using a particular carrier oil. It is advised to use carrier oils with strict professional guidance. You can carry out an allergy test without much medical assistance or knowledge. It is simple!

To do the allergy test:

  1. Take twice the original concentrate to require essential oil and carrier oil.
  2. Take a quarter of the required mixture and rub it inside your forearm.
  3. Examine this for 24 hours for possible allergic reactions. If you have any, please don’t use them.

Also, please be informed that you should not take the essential or the mixture with carrier oil. It is not safe for anyone. It is extremely dangerous because it can destroy your kidneys or liver. Drinking or ingesting it is prohibited. That is not the right way to administer the essential oil.

Furthermore, the result may also damage your guts if taken by mouth. It can cause other chemical reactions in the gut, damaging the body system. So don’t cause more harm to yourself than you already have.

Dosage Of Essential Oils

Dosage is one of the major issues with aromatherapy. It has to do with measuring the dose. How would one measure the dose of a smell or scent? Good medicine should have a dosage to ensure the right quantity is used. A case of overdose may be inevitable. At least in some cases. And an overdose of any medicine can cause serious problems.

Well, based on what your medical practitioner may have advised. To get between 0.5 to 1 percent dilution, add not more than 6 drops of the essential oil to an ounce of carrier oil. Adults may use a dilution of not more than 5 percent, about 30 drops of essential oil to an ounce of carrier oil. Try as much as possible to avoid overdose.

Why Aromatherapy works for Menopause

Menopause is a transition time for women generally. As we go through these changes, some discomforts come with it. I am sure you are here because you need to get some relief from the pain, discomforts, and changes that accompany menopause. So let’s examine how aromatherapy works for menopause. I am sure you will be wondering what aromatherapy has to do with menopause.

We know that menopause comes with discomfort and pain because of hormone imbalance. As hormones go down during and after menopause, a woman’s body changes. These changes in a woman’s body are evident in such a way as depression, insomnia, etc. In addition, several other mental and physical illnesses are being treated with aromatherapy.

So, aromatherapy works for menopause because hormone imbalances cause it. Different research has shown that it works fine for hormone imbalances. It implies you don’t have to panic about the changes in the hormone levels as much as we have aromatherapy taking care of this. It also says that there are many ways to deal with menopause, and aromatherapy is one.

The essential oils used for treatment in aromatherapy have been studied over the years. One of the findings is that they interact with the enzymes and hormones in the body system. As they do this harmlessly, the effect is established as the woman feels better. So if you asked me, I think it is a simple yet effective way to get treated while running away from drugs. Well, that’s if you don’t like drugs like me.

Some common menopausal symptoms like insomnia and depression are well known to be treated with aromatherapy. For example, people who have issues sleeping have always used essential oils to get them back. The same goes for those with depression. And since these two and other things essential oils are used to treat, it is safe to say aromatherapy works for menopausal symptoms.

Menopausal Symptoms Aromatherapy will Relief

You can attend to almost all menopausal symptoms with essential oils for relief. It is not just a relief; many of them will give you quick relief. Instant relief associated with its use is an important reason why aromatherapy for menopausal symptoms is advised. I am sure you look forward to having that quick relief whenever you feel any menopausal symptoms.

Although the majority of the essential oils work subtly but very effectively, the effectiveness is the key for me, and I am sure it is the same reason you will want to try them out. But please seek medical advice before you start. It is very key to your healing. I understand you may not have the same menopausal symptoms as mine. So, I will be sharing some menopausal symptoms and their aromatherapy treatment.

Hot Flashes

A hot flash is one of the menopausal symptoms that give a quick burning sensation that may run through the body. You can treat it with essential oils. If you have hot flashes, get diluted clary sage oil, take three drops, and rub it on your feet or neck. It will relieve you of the hot flashes in moments.

Another way to apply this may be to take a few drops of clary sage oil, place them on tissue paper, and inhale them slowly. As you inhale it, exhale too. This process of taking clary sage oil for hot flashes is identified to give a very quicker relief compared to the first. If you have hot flashes, try out this oil for your delivery. You can also use peppermint oil in this manner for hot flashes treatment.

Mood Swings

Mood Swings are well-known symptoms of menopause caused by the low estrogen level in women. You can treat mood swings with aromatherapy. You may need to engage in Basil aromatherapy, including you using a daily dose. You may need to see your medical doctor for a guide on this. Just know that Basil can help you with mood swings by increasing your estrogen level. Rose is also identified as an effective aromatherapy treatment tool for this purpose.


Some women experience headaches as part of their menopausal symptoms. You can find a solution to this through the use of aromatherapy. Lavender oil is the solution. However, you will need to meet with your medical doctor if it is just for headaches. Lavender oil can help out with several other menopausal symptoms. So it can be rationed to focus on them if you have more than one menopausal symptoms that it can take care of.


Another common menopausal symptom is a problem with sleep. Many women, including me, have this challenge. But lavender oil is a great reliever in this regard. Taking lavender oil aromatherapy will enhance relaxation mood and promote healthy sleep. It works like magic; you should try it out if you are not allergic to lavender. However, I haven’t seen anyone with it.


Fatigue is also a common menopausal symptom; many women get tired easily during and after menopause. Well, aromatherapy has a solution for this as well. You can use any of the following oils for your deliverance: peppermint oil, lemon essential oil, spearmint essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, and rosemary essential oil. Just make sure you do the allergy test and be sure before using it.

Hormonal Changes

We all know that the changes and pains that come from menopausal symptoms are large because of hormonal imbalances and reductions. It can be treated with essential oils, making women feel relieved and better. Geranium can be used to address this. If you inhale two or three drops added to tissue paper, it will work well for it.

Other aromatherapy oils to try out for treatment include lavender oil, Basil, and citrus oil for hormonal imbalances. The last two work well for estrogen level raises. However, we know that menopause rises and falls the majority on dropping estrogen levels in women. So, those two aromatherapy treatment oil should not be joked with.


Many women have this issue of their bones becoming fragile as menopausal symptoms. Fragile bones may be due to dropping levels of estrogen. To treat this with aromatherapy, you can use pine oil as science has proven that the content of pine oil works well to help prevent the damaging effect of Osteoporosis.

Also, inhaling citrus oil will help to reduce the rate of Osteoporosis. It will also put an end to body aches and pains. Endeavor to use it with care and based on the directive of your medical doctor.

While these are common menopausal symptoms almost every woman goes through, I understand you may have symptoms not mentioned here. Well, your medical doctor will be able to help you out with the aromatherapy treatment to follow.

If you have one or two of these symptoms, you can handle them with just one oil. It implies that you may not need to buy two oils for two symptoms. Your medical doctor will help you make a good choice by giving you one that will work to treat two or three menopausal symptoms simultaneously.

So, don’t just buy an essential oil because it works for your menopausal symptoms, especially if you have underlying medical conditions. Remember, they are chemical, too, and they can cause reactions that may not help you at the end of the day. Hence, work with a professional aromatherapist or medical doctor before using any oil.

Risks of Using Aromatherapy

As a woman, I know many would prefer to use this method to treat their menopausal symptoms. The reason is that it is easier to administer. But you must note that the content of the essential oils is a natural extract from plants and vegetables. As extracts, they contain chemicals too. One truth about chemicals is that if they are not used well, they might cause more harm.

So, aromatherapy has risks, especially when the essential oils are either used too much or wrongly used. For this reason, it is advocated that you use essential oils for menopause symptoms under strict guidance by a professional. It is better to take precautions than to run around for a solution. You are trying to be fine, don’t complicate your issue.

People That Must Avoid Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy or essential oil for treatment is highly beneficial, but it is not for everyone. And since essential oils are medicines in their own right. You cannot use them anyhow, and it is not for everyone. So here are people that should not come close to aromatherapy;

Anyone under the age of 12 years is advised to avoid aromatherapy. And if they do need it as a treatment, it must be done under strict guidance.

Asthmatic patients must stay out of aromatherapy. It can trigger their crisis. That must be avoided by all means. They can be treated via other means for whatever their health issue is.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not allowed to take part in aromatherapy. It can cause harm for both the baby and the mother. So, they must avoid aromatherapy.

Older adults may use aromatherapy, but a medical professional must advise and coordinate it to avoid issues.

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