Bacterial Vaginosis During Menopause

Bacterial Vaginosis During Menopause

Bacterial Vaginosis During Menopause

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This week’s guest post also focuses on vaginal health. Written by Patrick Ross, this offering addresses an uncomfortable difficulty that can arise during Menopause.

Bacterial Vaginosis During Menopause
The menopause is a difficult time for a woman. Contracting an embarrassing intimate condition during an already difficult period could make it very difficult.

What is Bacterial vaginosis? 
Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that occurs when the walls of the vagina become inflamed due to the overgrowth of bacteria. Women can develop this condition at any age, but menopause is one of the many risk factors that makes a woman more susceptible to developing this condition. The hormonal changes that women go through during this period can lead to a pH imbalance. If the pH balance in the vagina is disturbed, bacteria will begin to grow rapidly.

What are some of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis?

Light vaginal bleeding, foul-smelling discharge, painful intercourse and vaginal irritation are some of the symptoms that may accompany this condition. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis can easily be confused with a yeast infection or sexually-transmitted disease, which is why this condition is sometimes difficult to diagnose.

What happens if bacterial vaginosis is left untreated?

Bacterial vaginosis can result in serious complications if it is left untreated. Women who have this condition are more likely to develop sexually-transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea or HIV. Some menopausal women may need to have a hysterectomy and bacterial vaginosis can increase a woman’s risk of developing complications from the procedure.

Additionally, bacterial vaginosis can also ruin a woman’s confidence. Menopause is supposed to be a time where a woman’s life changes for the better because she no longer has to worry about menstrual cycles or pregnancy. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis may make some women feel reluctant to even leave their home.

How can bacterial vaginosis be treated?

Fortunately, menopausal women do not have to suffer with bacterial vaginosis. Balance Activ is a clinically-tested and proven gel that has been shown to alleviate this condition. This product helps treat this condition by restoring the vagina’s normal pH level. Balance Activ also helps alleviate discomfort, discharge and the foul smell.

Balance Activ is very simple to use. All a woman has to do is insert the gel into her vagina using an applicator. Balance Activ is available over-the-counter or on commercial websites, such as

When to consult a physician

Most women will be able to treat their bacterial vaginosis with the help of Balance Activ. However, there are some cases that need medical assistance. If a woman experiences discomfort, bleeding or worsening symptoms, she should not hesitate to consult with her physician.

Patrick is guest blogging for balance activ a BV treatment available in America on or through their website.

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