Body Smell Changes During Menopause And How To Fix It

Body Smell Changes During Menopause And How To Fix It

Alright ladies, let’s talk. No, this is not a pleasant topic but it’s necessary to share information with each other. Sharing our experiences is key to understanding our bodies during menopause. There is so much information out there, yet so little! Have you noticed a change in your body smell during menopause?

I wrote about changes in my hair during perimenopause and I am actually still perimenopausal.

That article is one of my most viewed on this blog!

There is a good reason for that!

While we can research all day long menopause and perimenopause symptoms we keep seeing the same regurgitated information.

All which seem terribly incomplete!

No two women will experience the signs of menopause the same way!

That is why I feel it is so important for us to share these things with each other, embarrassing or not!

Notice: I am not a medical professional of any kind. The information provided here is not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your medical caregiver. This is only my personal experience and to share with others. 

Now I am not saying that these changes in body smell are disgusting, or even off-putting.

Although some people may experience that.

What I am noticing is not something bad, it’s just different.

We all have a distinct aroma to us.

Even if we do not notice it others do.

In nature, animals pick up on each other’s scents.

Dogs are notorious for knowing our scent and the scent of other animals.

The fact is our body chemistry and hormones change during menopause and so does our distinct scent.

It is perfectly natural and normal.

What Causes Changes In Body Smell During Menopause:

When your estrogen levels take a nose dive we get a slew of issues.

Night sweats, becoming irritable, and the all to well known hot flashes to name a few.

So we sweat and perspire more frequently as our bodies try to cool down.

You can try changing your deodorant but from my experience, this does not help.

Nor does changing your body wash, perfume, or anything else scented that we use.

You do however need to shower more frequently or cleans with towelettes.

Otherwise, you can get a buildup of bacteria that can cause bad odors.

The unfortunate thing is during menopause this can happen rather quickly even if you are a very clean person.

I thought perhaps the change was caused by increased night-sweats alone but it’s the combination of factors that cause it.

Learn If Your New Scent Is Truly Offensive:

It is important to recognize if your scent is offensive.

Due to it being new to you your new body smell may cause you to think you are offensive.

Chances are you do not offend at all!

Different is sometimes difficult to accept.

You did not even notice your natural scent before because you had it all of your life.

Now, you are wondering if something is wrong with you.

Usually, nothing is wrong with you.

Granted if you have medical conditions you should consult your doctor.

As a Type 1 Diabetic, I am always cautious that my symptoms of menopause are in fact, just that!

From an emotional standpoint, however, many women going through the change are already dealing with a whirlwind of challenges.

When something like your own body chemistry changes so much that you do not recognize your own personal scent, it can be alarming.

Being able to share experiences like this can help alleviate some of your concerns.

What You Can Do About Changes In Body Smell:

I already mentioned showering more frequently and that helps.

If you are struggling with the hair issues I once did you probably already are taking extra showers.

Another thing you can, and should be doing is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

While most are healthy for you, staying away from foods that contain sulfur helps.

Such as cabbage, broccoli, onion, garlic, bok choy, which I adore, and even eggs contain sulfur.

I found this article very helpful to determine sulfur containing foods.

Another thing you can and should do is getting daily exercise.

By doing these things you can cut down if not eliminate the odor changes in your body by being ahead of the root cause.

Acceptance Of Your Changing Body:

Keep in mind, you notice these things more than others.

Just like we were told, or told our own kids, “that pimple is not as noticeable to others as it is to you!” our scent is not going to make people run from us.

Sure, it’s there, and yes, you do have a certain scent about you.

That does not mean it is an offensive scent to others.

You will adapt to it and it will be your new norm.

If your doctor puts you on hormonal balancing medication it can also go away.

Personally, I prefer a natural method of dealing with my hormonal changes.

By taking Femarelle along with good eating habits and exercise I have seen a positive shift.

My aroma is back to normal again.

Banding Together For Knowledge:

One thing I have learned about these menopausal and perimenopausal changes is that they seem to be short-lived so far.

Granted I am far from full-fledged menopausal.

At least I think I am but I am nearing 49 so it could be right around the corner.

I also know I have a lot more challenges to face when it comes to potential symptoms and struggles.

There are women who could teach me a lot about what’s to come!

If you are one of these ladies please share your experiences with us.

It is up to each of us to help give support to others.

Many of us do not have a large female family tribe to pass down this vital info to us.

My mother had a hysterectomy so she did not experience these things the way you may have.

Thankfully, due to the power of the Interwebs, we can band together and build our own tribe to support each other.

Have you noticed a change in your body aroma during menopause?

What do you do to combat the mid-life blues?

Are you going to give up favorite foods due to this issue?

Would you prefer to take medications or natural supplements?


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