Early Menopause Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Early Menopause Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

For some women, going through menopause early may be both a blessing and a curse. Women who cease to have their menstrual cycle before the age of 46 are classified as having early onset menopause. However, since women of this age are not usually thought to be at risk for developing heart disease and stroke risk, they may not be as vigilant about these aspects of their health as their peers.

Lack of Heart-Health Diligence

Women, regardless of whether they go into early menopause due to surgical intervention or naturally are at higher risk for experiencing a heart attack or stroke. Additionally, researchers found that women who smoke often experience menopause two years earlier than women who do not smoke.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University suggest that women may be at higher risk for cardiovascular health problems because they are younger and do not consider the risks to their health the come as a result of the end of estrogen production when they go into menopause. Unlike women who go through menopause in their late 40s or early 50s, doctors do not emphasize the need for younger women to exercise and eat a heart-healthy diet. As a result, they may not undertake health precautions to prevent cardiovascular problems.

Heart-Healthy Choices

For women, no matter what age, paying attention to heart-health is important. Eating a diet rich in brightly colored vegetables and fruits can reduce free radicals that contribute to aging, cardiovascular disease and degenerative illness. Additionally, eating lean proteins, such as poultry, fish and fermented soy can reduce fat accumulation around vital organs, such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

Regular exercise is also important for all women. Physical activity that promotes healthy bone density, such as weight lifting, can prevent osteoporosis. Additionally, aerobic exercise, such as biking, hiking and swimming improve heart and lung health.

No matter what age you are when you go through menopause, it is important to pay attention to your heart health. If you begin to develop healthy habits that promote cardiovascular health when you are younger, then they are easy to continue as you get older. Even if you have already gone through menopause, you can start to take care of your heart today.

What age were you when you went through menopause? What do you do to support your heart health today? We would love to hear what works for you!

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