EQUELLE + 5 Self-Care Tips During Perimenopause (or Menopause)

EQUELLE + 5 Self-Care Tips During Perimenopause (or Menopause)

This post is sponsored by EQUELLE. All views and text are my own.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oh, and a super busy time of the year too with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

It’s right around this time of year when I seem to get super stressed and try to take on way too much all at once. Self-care has always been hard for me to fit into my busy lifestyle even though I know how important it is.

It doesn’t help that my perimenopause symptoms have me feeling a little unlike myself these days. I find that if I don’t take time for myself on top of my hot flashes and overall mood issues, I could end up having a complete meltdown (and melt from the hot flashes!)

I have compiled some tips that work for me to help me slow down and focus on self-care. I hope these serve as a reminder of the simple things you can do to feel good!

1. Exercise regularly. I don’t need to sign up for any marathons any time soon, but when I do some cardio exercise several times a week I always feel better. I find that my perimenopause symptoms are reduced and by staying active, I decrease my stress levels and increase my energy.

2. Eat healthy. As I’ve entered this stage of my life, I notice that when I exercise and eat a well-balanced diet, I have been able to maintain my current weight. I can lessen my mood issues with a balanced diet and keep off unwanted extra pounds.

3. Keep cool. One of the most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause is hot flashes. Aside from, keeping my bedroom temperature a little lower overnight and dressing in lighter clothing helps throughout the day, I have also seen such improvement since using Equelle.  Below, I talk more about my journey using this product.

4.  Increase Vitamin D and Calcium. My doctor recommended that I eat more foods that are rich in Vitamin D and Calcium to help support my bone health during early menopause. I know that my bones will stay strong and I reduce risk of fractures in the future if I continue to increase my calcium intake.

5. Relax and breathe. There is nothing like taking a few deep breaths throughout the day to help reduce stress and anxiety. Simply making time for myself and relaxing my mind makes me feel less anxious. I know the importance of relaxing and when I sit back and just breathe, my mind is clearer and my day becomes so much easier.

So as I continue to live with the symptoms of early perimenopause, I can do so a lot easier with EQUELLE.  If you’ve read my last two posts about this genius supplement HERE and HERE, you will know that it is a non-hormonal, non-prescription product that offers relief from hot flashes and muscle aches that can happen during menopause. †

As I continue with this journey, I know that with the help of EQUELLE and plenty of self-care, I will be able to survive (and talk about!) my perimenopause experience in a positive way.

†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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