Gaining Weight and Menopause | The 3 Main Factors

Gaining Weight and Menopause | The 3 Main Factors

Why do any of us ladies of a certain age begin gaining weight when we haven’t made any changes to our diet and/or exercise? Well, the main culprit is that menopause — and the onset of it, perimenopause — impacts the hormone system.

Gaining weight (and weight in general) is very much dictated by hormones.

Our hormones are created in the gut microbiome — which is very much impacted by what we eat and what we don’t eat. And, of course, our lifestyle choices.

But as your hormones shift and/or change, your metabolism and weight are affected. That said, there are several different factors that come together and begin to trigger weight gain as we start to enter menopause.

Before I move forward with this blog, I want to make clear that menopause is defined as going 12 months without having a cycle.

However, there’s this whole time frame before where you’re perimenopausal. This is the stage where women produce less sex hormones.

Because of which, your period may be less predictable and/or less regular. And that can start for women as early as age 35. So, please know that I’m not just addressing women who are nearing 50 years old. This blog applies to every one of you who’s 35 years of age or older.

The 3 main factors that can contribute to gaining weight during this stage of life include:

ONE: Genetics

Studies confirm that our genes influence both behavior and metabolism. Which, in turn, contributes to weight gain by food intake and increasing hunger.

TWO: Hormonal

As we age, our hormones change. These changes can start in our 30s (hello, perimenopause) and may cause shifts in weight.

THREE: Lifestyle changes

Whether you’re exercising less, eating more unhealthy foods or experiencing disruptions in sleep (as so many of us have recently)… there might be a myriad factors in your everyday life responsible for putting on weight.

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