Peri-Menopause: Eye Contact with the Unknown

Peri-Menopause: Eye Contact with the Unknown

– “I feel terrible,” a client said, “my period used to be so regular, for years & years! Now I skip periods, I bleed for 2 weeks straight, I am irritable, I don’t know what to expect…”

– “THIS is the nature of Peri-Menopause” I said, admitting the truth of the matter.

Peri-Menopause is a river you need to cross: Predictable cycles, periods that come like clockwork (or close enough) – are but One Bank of the river. Menopause is the Other Shore.

In order to CROSS the RIVER – you have to jump into the water!

There is no bridge over it. There is no tunnel under it. There is no way around it. You have to get wet! You need to swim with a strong currents…

You need to expect turbulence…

You need to surrender to this unpredictable, surprising, ever-changing river we call Peri-Menopause.

Unpredictability is not the enemy!

Unpredictability in itself is not painful, nor “bad”. It is simply calling you to face each moment freshly, without expectations…

Peri-Menopause is calling you to learn how to expect the unexpected.

To Join the Unknown it rather than fight it.

To become humble in the face of Not Knowing…

This is hard to do after decades of bleeding, in which you knew exactly what to do. You found your own rhythm with your monthly cycles, whether they were coming like clockwork or not. You had supplies. You had a routine. You had it covered!

How does it feel to be a Novice again?

It’s probably uncomfortable. Yet it doesn’t have to be painful. There is no need to suffer. Only to MEET the INTENSITY and look it in the eye!

When you welcome the unexpected, you can begin to relax into it. If you know that your periods will be unpredictable for a while, your body doesn’t need to fight you in order to get your attention.

You begin to roll with the punches.

You realize that you are a Wise Woman in the Making.

It takes courage, resilience, and willingness to change. Cultivating these — is what Peri-Menopause will help you do, if you dare make eye contact with the unknown!

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