These 5 unexpected changes could be caused by the menopause

These 5 unexpected changes could be caused by the menopause

These are the things that are happening inside your body

Hot flashes, some extra kilo’s, and sleepless nights: the menopause is very uncomfortable for most women. Your whole body is out of balance because your hormone management changes. This has more consequences than you might think. You may not directly think of the menopause but it could be the cause of these five changes.

We didn’t know that the menopause could also be responsible for these five changes.

1. Allergies

You’ve had a cat for years now but suddenly you can’t be around your cute pet without sneezing? It could very well be possible that you’ve developed allergies during the menopause that you weren’t suffering from before. Hormonal fluctuations can cause a sudden rise in the level of histamine in your body. This makes you experience allergy symptoms. What’s more, this rise in the level of histamine can also make the allergies you already have worse.

2. Your voice

The menopause can make your vocal cords less supple. This effect is mostly observed by singers who, as they go through the menopause, reach their high notes with much more difficulty than before. Besides, your vocal cords tire more easily which means that you could be hoarse more often. Additionally, it is often the case that a woman’s voice becomes lower during the menopause.

3. Sense of smell

Did you love the smell of lavender in the past but you can’t stand smelling it now? It could be due to your menopause. The hormonal fluctuations in your body can cause a change in your perception of smell. This means that the scent of something like lavender can smell totally different in and after the menopause than before. In other words, you experience scents differently. Even your own body odor can change during the menopause and that is not just because you sweat more.

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