What Are The Symptoms Of Pre-menopause?

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What Are The Symptoms Of Pre-menopause?

What are the symptoms of pre-menopause?

There are many symptoms of pre-menopause, and all or a few could arise. The most common symptoms are: hot flashes, changes in the menstrual cycle, mood and emotional changes, and muscle aches. Pre-menopause normally occurs in women between the ages of 35 to 45.

Typically, the symptoms of pre-menopause are an exacerbation of premenstrual tension, insomnia and facial acne. In addition, menstrual periods will change, with increased menstrual flow, even “flooding”, and more days of bleeding. Hot flashes are also quite common.

Weight gain, fatigue, and mood swings are among the signs. Irregular period, depression, hot flashes, and water retention are among the signs. There are many other signs, such as irritability, cysts in the breasts, and vaginal dryness.

Increase of libido (a feeling of wanting to have sex all the time), a dry vulva most of the time (a vulva is the outer opening of a woman’s reproductive system), and irregular menstrual periods are the most common indications that a woman is almost reaching the stage of menopause.

Symptoms vary between people, but you may miss periods, have headaches, get hot flashes, and notice certain mood swings and changes in appetite.

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