Your Life After 25: Don’t Let Menopause Stop You from Traveling – Your Life After 25:

Your Life After 25: Don’t Let Menopause Stop You from Traveling – Your Life After 25:

Menopause can be a debilitating experience, especially if you do not take steps to keep symptoms under control. Symptoms that are left unchecked can make it even harder for you to travel as you might normally. There are many guides to menopause out there, and most will agree that most of the common symptoms range from hair thinning, weight gain, muscle gain to mood swings and changes in libido. These can be a huge strain on your ability to travel and enjoy your vacations. But traveling doesn’t have to be something you have to put off until menopause finishes. You can improve some of the symptoms through light diet and exercise among other things, and reclaim your ability to not only travel, but do much more. 

Clean Eating 

Clean eating promotes the idea of eating as natural and organic as possible. The reason this might be helpful while traveling is that it may reduce triggers that lead to menopause symptoms like hot flashes or tummy issues. Clean eating asks you to avoid additives, limit alcohol, and eliminate preservatives, all of which could lead to menopause-related problems while traveling. 

Light Exercise 

Mood-related issues can plague a woman going through menopause, which can make it hard to travel. Traveling for many people feels riddled with minor inconveniences and frustrating setbacks, which can feel increasingly worse if your mood is already affected by something else. This is something you can combat by simply starting a light exercise routine. You can try yoga or even tai chi to start. Keep in mind that this will also help regulate your weight, which can sometimes be an issue for women. 

Herbal Treatment 

Wanting to travel while experiencing menopause can be hard without taking the right steps. One of them could be starting a good herbal treatment to help quiet down some of those symptoms. There are a number of herbs you can try like ginseng, black cohosh, or red clover just to name a few. Of course, be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure you know how these herbs are affecting you. 

Note Taking 

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is test yourself, and you know yourself best. Try to keep a journal of everything you eat and do during the day so that you can match it to your symptoms later. You will be able to pinpoint what works for you best and what makes no difference when you take detailed notes. These notes can help you, and your doctor refine your fight against menopause symptoms, which should make travel easier. 

Hopefully, some of these suggestions work for you or help guide you in the right direction. As mentioned earlier, include your doctor in all the steps you are taking during this stage in your life. He or she can help you through it.

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