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Sexy Smoothies and More

Improve your sex life…and help your heart…

Everybody knows about the “little blue pill” (also known as Viagra). It and similar drugs help men perform sexually by opening up and relaxing blood vessels in the penis. But some men suffer headaches, stomach upset and other side effects. And women? There’s no oral medication to help them with sexual enjoyment.

A safe option: Many fruits and vegetables can improve sexual functioning in much the same way that prescription medications do—and they help women, too.

Hard to believe? It’s true. These foods, including bananas, kale and watermelon, are rich in inorganic compounds, such as nitrate and nitrite, and other compounds that play a key role in men’s—and women’s—sexual arousal, performance and response. These compounds are such powerhouses because they have the ability to increase levels of nitric oxide (NO)—a molecule that dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to many organs, including the sexual organs.

Bonus: NO’s beneficial effect on blood vessels also helps reduce heart disease risk by lowering blood pressure. Tasty recipes to improve your sex life—and heart health…*


Blend (start on “low” and increase to “high”): One-half cup of ice…one cup of unsweetened coconut water…one-half cup of shredded kale…one-half frozen banana…one-half cup of your favorite frozen berries (for some extra sweetness, if desired)…one to two pitted prunes…plus one tablespoon of L-citrulline (an amino acid that creates NO) or dried Panax ginseng powder (an herb that promotes sexual desire).

Why it works: Bananas are a great source of nitrate and nitrite. Coconut water, bananas and kale are rich sources of blood pressure–lowering potassium…and prunes deliver fiber, which helps control blood sugar—important for heart health and blood pressure control.

L-citrulline is the closest thing there is to an over-the-counter Viagra. It’s available as a powder or in capsule form (empty out two or three capsules to get 1,000 mg to 1,500 mg of powder…or simply swallow them with your smoothie). Good product: Source Naturals’ L-Citrulline powder,

Red Panax ginseng has been found in research to significantly improve sexual arousal in menopausal women. Select a brand with at least 8% ginsenosides (the main active components of Panax ginseng). Good product: NuSci Panax Ginseng Extract Powder, Standardized 10% Ginsenosides, Note: Breast cancer patients should not use ginseng products.


Blend (Start on “low” and increase to “high”): One cup of ice…one cup of almond milk…two tablespoons of natural, no-sugar-added peanut butter…one-half frozen banana…one-half-inch jalapeño or a dash of cayenne pepper…one  teaspoon of coconut or palm oil…and one tablespoon of cacao powder.

Why it works: This smoothie lifts your energy levels—crucial for a good sex life. Peanut butter is a stellar source of protein, which helps maintain metabolism and muscle function. If you don’t like peanut butter, try another nut butter—or a scoop of flavored protein powder. Good product: Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder,

Capsaicin, the compound responsible for the fiery heat of jalapeño and cayenne pepper, increases NO and blood flow throughout the body. Coconut and palm oils provide a type of healthful fat that is easily used by the body for energy. Cacao contains anandamide, a feel-good neurotransmitter, and just enough caffeine for a little natural lift.


Combine: One bottle of red wine with a sliced orange, lemon and lime, plus two cups of club soda. Then add one cup of watermelon juice (buy it online or make your own) and one cup of shaved watermelon rind (shave the white part of the rind on the inside of the watermelon).

Why it works: This summer cocktail features heart-healthy red wine. What makes this recipe different is the L-citrulline (found in watermelon juice and rind), which improves NO production. The alcohol will lower inhibitions to help put you in the mood for sex. But don’t have more than two four-to-six-ounce glasses. Too much will steal your mojo!

* Some ingredients in these recipes may interact with certain medications—such as warfarin (Coumadin) and blood pressure or erectile dysfunction drugs. Consult your doctor.

Source: Source: Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH, the Jenkins/Pokempner Director of Preventive & Alternative Medicine in the department of urology at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor. Dr. Moyad, who specializes in nondrug medicinal therapies, is the lead author of more than 150 medical articles and 11 books, including The Supplement Handbook. He created the recipes in this article with his wife, Mia Moyad.
Date: June 1, 2015
Publication: Bottom Line Health

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