Menopause and Sleep: Managing your Sleep with Menopause Supplements – It’s Free At Last

Menopause and Sleep: Managing your Sleep with Menopause Supplements – It’s Free At Last

The menopause is the next stage in the life cycle for women. However, just as during puberty, hormone fluctuations can play havoc with your body, skin and overall sense of well-being. Luckily, there are plenty of menopause supplements to help make this time less daunting and more manageable.

One of the most common complaints women going through the menopause experience is insomnia. Oestrogen and progesterone are the two main female hormones that govern how well we sleep. But when it comes time for the menopause, the ovaries begin to decrease production of these hormones and subsequent impact on sleep can be huge. As the levels of these sleep-promoting hormones in the body begin to dwindle, it can bring with it sleepless nights leading on to more tiring, stressed out days. Lack of sleep can be brutal, but there are plenty of all-natural solutions to help combat this problem. Natural remedies for menopause that can help ease the issue of being unable to fall asleep include herbs like valerian. Usually found in tablet or tea form, valerian can help boost levels of the brain’s relaxation mood neurotransmitter, bringing on deeper, more restful sleep. Magnesium is also a great supplement for women experiencing insomnia during menopause as not only does it see an improvement in sleep, it also helps to stabilise mood which can be very welcome during a time of such intense hormonal fluctuations.

There are plenty of vitamins for menopause on the market, all of which can aid with lessening the more disruptive and distressing symptoms. Flaxseed is excellent for keeping night sweats under control. Adding a supplement of calcium too is very important as once women reach menopause age, their bone density decreases leading to a greater risk of osteoporosis. Ginseng and St John’s Wort can help give your mood a boost if you are feeling low. Anxiety and mood swings are all a part of this natural process and a multivitamin designed especially for women going through the menopause can help to ease some of its more challenging side effects. Fema 45 combines expert knowledge and understanding of exactly what a woman’s body needs both during and after menopause. With 28 nutrients, Vitamins K and D along with antioxidants and star ingredients such as magnesium and calcium, Fema 45 supplements helps to support your body and lessen the effects of low energy, mood and increased stress.

For a wide range of menopause supplements, why not visit here and find the vitamin supplement formulation that works best for you. The menopause is a natural process and one to be celebrated as an important transitional time in life. Now there is no reason not to enjoy life and live better with menopause.

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