The Goddess-Like Way to Discipline Menopause Hot Flashes

The Goddess-Like Way to Discipline Menopause Hot Flashes

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This latest guest blog post features cooling relief you can hold in the palm of your hand. Sure wish I’d had this when I was going through the worst of the hot flash hell. Check it out:

When you’re a Goddess, being cool when you are the wrong kind of hot is important. The image of a goddess can vanish quickly as you turn into the “Glistening one”, with beads of sweat running down your face. The image of a calm, cool, collected goddess is hard to maintain if I seek relief through overt, aggressive fanning motions; although, some nicely styled hand fans do allow some degree of grace and style.

As a professional business woman, being the only one in the room that was in the middle of a heat wave did not appeal to my preferred image. I actually started trying to avoid face-toface meetings. The challenge of trying to appear collected and cool when I’m hot was helped when I discovered the new BlowMeCool mini-fan.

This little fan does just what the name suggests, it blows me cool. It’s always with me in my purse or a pocket – it’s my new best friend. As a handheld fan, it has no exposed propellers or blades, so it can operate while largely hidden in my hand, and it’s quiet and light weight. It pushes enough air to provide me a soothing flow of air and instant hot flash relief.

Also, I like the fact that my new best friend is also environmentally friendly, it’s rechargeable battery means that I’m not regularly increasing the number of hazardous waste batteries in the world.

I’m glad that today our menopausal sisterhood allows us to share our discoveries, and expand our awareness of the growing number of ways to manage our individual hot flash hell. We can now utilize many layers of ways to gain relief from annoying menopause issues. We are lucky, years ago no one seemed to care – women simply endured alone – let’s hear it for blogs.


BlowMeCool Inc.

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