7 Natural Remedies for Menopause Relief – Five Spot Green Living

7 Natural Remedies for Menopause Relief – Five Spot Green Living

In a woman’s life, menopause is a big life event, and usually occurs after age 45. As I have turned the corner into my cough-40’s-cough, I have been thinking more and more about the onset of menopause and what kinds of Natural Remedies for Menopause are available. I love learning about Natural Home Remedies and using them when I can over OTC or prescription medications.

Natural Remedies for Menopause

Menopause is one of the most unpleasant periods in the life of a woman and for those with whom she lives or works. Menopause is the reverse of puberty — you remember how awful THAT was, don’t you? Hormones go all whacky, and the body temperature fluctuates as do moods.

A woman can be cool and happy one minute, and then hot, sweating, and very unhappy the next. It isn’t her fault. She is NOT just being difficult. Her body is doing very strange things that she has no control over.

Doctors, of course, have a bag of tricks to help women endure the miseries of menopause. The problem with most of these remedies, however, is that they have some really weird side effects. And there are some serious concerns about the safety of some of them.

Here’s the good news. Women have been surviving menopause for centuries. Over that time there have been many home remedies developed that can help a woman through this difficult time and that produce no side effects whatsoever.

Home Remedies for Menopause Relief

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Daily doses of 1-2 milligrams can help to relieve mild depression associated with menopause. Get St. John’s Wort here

The herb has strong anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, along with its ability to provide effects like taking estrogen in women. Due to these properties, black cohosh is most frequently used to soothe menopause symptoms, reduce PMS, induce labor, and reduce menstrual cramps.

Black cohosh is generally taken in doses between 20 to 80 milligrams once or twice a day when it is being used to treat female issues. It can help reduce the intensity of hot flashes and night sweats. The herb is typically ingested as a pill, but it can occasionally be found as a tincture.

Note: Due to its ability to start labor, black cohosh should never be used by pregnant women, and it is not recommended for those with cancer, liver disease, organ transplants, or protein S deficiency.

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